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New With Two Boats

two boats

24″x36″ oil on canvas

A new large picture, with two boats. Its the same boat, just two different views.


Added Scissors


24″x32″ oil  on canvas

This one now has scissors. Perhaps I’ll add  a boat in the future.

Key Addition

43 b

24″x32″ oil on canvas

Added a key to this picture.

Digital Test

Frame test 3 layers small


This is a test version of a digital image based on documentation photos of paintings and source photo imagery.  I’m designing it to be printed out larger than the actual size of the base painting. So far I have also done a test print that is about 24″x 30″ that I am happy with. I would like to be printing out about 4 times that size. The frame is digitally added. It is a frame that is on another picture in my house (with other art in it, its about 10″x 12″).



12″x16″  oil on canvas

This is a key that I have had since I was a kid. Its from my Great grand mothers farm house. I have lived in 4 houses from the 20’s or so era and this key has worked in the locks on the interior doors.

Norwegian Crow

norwegian crow 2

24″x36″ oil on canvas

There are crows in Trondheim, Norway that are grey and black. Upper image is a detail of the eye.

New Etsy Shop

Red Bird

Just opened my Etsy shop. Have a look.